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13 products our editors tried and loved this month.
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“Why So Many Women Are Turning Their Backs On The Bra.”

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Free Reign Everyday Tank top with Built-In Bra was reviewed as “great for both hiking and everyday”.

See how Audrey McClelland, creator of the MomGenerations lifestyle and parenting blog, styles Free Reign Everyday Tank 11 ways, for home, office, work and play. 

Read about TENCEL’s Lyocell, a renewable, cellulosic fiber, derived from wood pulp, the perfect choice for the Free Reign Everyday Tank.

In this spot, featured on, a CBS affiliate, the host shares her love for the The Free Reign Everyday Tank, “I’ve been searching for 40 years for the perfect tank and this is it!”

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In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, Free Reign is donating a percentage of sales to  Living Beyond Breast Cancer for the month of October.
Free Reign’s Everyday Tank was featured in their product roundup for its classic look and a great choice for dressing all year long.
Natasha Filipov from This Blonde Meets Business shares stories and business tips from entrepreneurs, like Gigi Kitei and Liz Cook, Co-founders of Free Reign. They discuss what it’s like to launch a business during a pandemic and challenges for any business start-up.
In this episode of This Blonde Means Business, Natasha Filipov interviews the co-founders of Free Reign. Here their backstory on the challenges of starting a new business, the value of mentors and how their commitment to sustainability is embedded in every business decision.