Free Reign Recycles

Donate your bras

Many of us have purchased far too many bras that don’t fit well and we never wear. If you don’t want to donate them for someone else to use, Free Reign will help you take environmentally friendly steps to declutter your drawers through our partnership with the Bra Recycling Agency (B.R.A.).

B.R.A. prevents unwanted bras from ending up in the landfill by solving the logistical and technical challenges of recycling. The agency collects bras, shreds them, separates out the plastic and metal parts and pulverizes the remaining fabric and foam so it can be converted into carpet underlay cushion. Once the separated metal underwire and clasps reach 40,000 pounds, the B.R.A. will sell it as scrap and give the proceeds to charities that support breast cancer survivors. This so-called mechanical recycling process, which extends the use of precious resources, is part of a growing movement to create a more circular economy.

How Can You Recycle Your Bras?

To send your unwanted bras to the Bra Recycling Agency, use your mobile phone and text the word “BRA” to the number 79274 to receive a downloadable one-time use mailing label. If you want to recycle just one bra, the cost is free. If you want to send unlimited bras – as many as you can fit into your mailing envelope — B.R.A. will charge you $5 dollars to defray expenses associated with the recycling program. You will need to cover the cost of postage.

If you are a Free Reign customer, we encourage you to reuse the mailer we used to ship you your Everyday Tank. Our mailer is made from recycled plastic and designed with an additional closure strip for easy reuse.

The mailing label will deliver your bras to a warehouse, where the B.R.A holds them until enough are collected to run the recycling process cost-effectively. The manufacturer Leggett & Platt is the B.R.A.’s recycling partner and incorporates the recovered foam and fabric into their carpet cushion products.

Join Free Reign Recycles!

We hope the Free Reign Everyday Tank with its comfortable built-in bra will give you more reasons to recycle those bras you no longer need – and buy fewer new bras in the future.

Help spread the word that bra recycling is possible. Send us a photo of the bras you have shipped off to the Bra Recycling Agency to, and we will post it on social media and our website to inspire others to do the same. We will also send you a special thanks discount on a future purchase of the Free Reign Everyday Tank for you or a friend.